Bug Bounty Program

Bug Bounty Program setup with Immunefi is ongoing. Please refer to the information below as an example.
Rewards are distributed according to the impact of the vulnerability based on the Immunefi Vulnerability Severity Classification System. This is a simplified 5-level scale, with separate scales for websites/apps and smart contracts/blockchains, encompassing everything from consequence of exploitation to privilege required to likelihood of a successful exploit.
No KYC is required to earn up to:
1. $100,000 for a critical severity issue
2. $25,000 for a high severity issue
3. $5,000 for a medium severity issue
4. $1,000 for a low severity issue



  • Public disclosure of a vulnerability would make it ineligible for a reward
  • Medium+ issues requires a PoC to be validated.
  • Duplicated issues are not eligible for reward, only the first submission will be eligible
  • Rewards will be distributed at the full discretion of the team based on the criteria
  • Discovered vulnerability of the bug must be reported only to the team via email to [email protected] or via Discord in DM with an Admin.