The main token of YieldRocket Ecosystem


The basics

Earn eSTAR tokens by depositing your AR tokens in the AR pools. You can convert those eSTAR tokens or stake them.
In case you have decided to convert them in the STAR vault you wil get STAR tokens every second over 1 year. For example if you have vested 365 eSTAR tokens you will get 1 STAR token per day (amount increasing every second).
If you have decided to stake them, your funds will be locked during 1 year but before your eSTARs are fully converted to STAR tokens, but in the meantime you will be able to benefit from the fees redistribution (BNB).
To summarize after 1 year 1 eSTAR = 1 STAR. The exact value of an eSTAR is not equal to a STAR.
Last modified 2mo ago