xSPACE Token
The governance token you get by locking your SPACE Token

Vested SPACE

Each new SPACE minted is acquired over 13 weeks. In return, the user will receive xSPACE, the receipt for their locked token. These xSPACE can be stacked into the StakingRewards contract which will redistribute all revenue generated from all YieldRocket vaults.
The benefit of vesting is that it can reduce the dilution of the SPACE token as the token is frozen and thus, not available on the market after its initial mint.
If you claim your rewards daily, they will be regrouped in the same vested period. Indeed, period are regrouped and rounded down by weeks. If you're lucky enough (or if you did your homework well ๐Ÿ˜), your vest period can last 12 weeks instead of 13.

Locked SPACE -> xSPACE

Please be careful. There is a 50% penalty fee if you decide to unlock before the end of the locking period.
50% of the initial amount you locked will be returned to you.
50% will be redistributed to xSPACE stacked into the Revenues sharing contract.
SPACE token is also lockable. From 1 to 100 weeks. The formula for the ratio of xSPACE minted correspond to:
Ratio :
100 weeks lock โ†’ 10 SPACE = 10 xSPACE
50 weeks lock โ†’ 10 SPACE = 5 xSPACE
25 weeks lock โ†’ 10 SPACE = 2.5 xSPACE
and so on.
By locking your SPACE, you will get many benefits. You will be able to enjoy:
  • Revenues sharing. We think it makes sense to reward users who believe in the project and show their commitment by locking their tokens. The longer you lock, the more revenue you earn from the platform, in the form of WBNB and SPACE.
  • Boosted APYs. Users will be able to enjoy an increase in APY, with many more SPACE earned than the normal unlocked SPACE token. The boosted APY is calculated by taking into account the amount of SPACE locked, the userโ€™s value in the vaults, and the lock period.
  • Governance. Users can participate in the governance process. xSPACE will be the primary governance token that will allow holders to make proposals, vote on them, and participate in decision making to help make YieldRocket bigger and safer.