Staking - Earn revenues
The platform redistribute all of it's revenues to its most commited holders.

The XSpace Pool

The tokens earned on the XSpace pool are WBNB and SPACE.
The WBNB distributed is the result of all performance fees collected over the protocol.
More TVL on the protocol = More APR on the XSpace Pool
You will need your XSpace to unlock / unvest your SPACE. Be sure to withdraw your XSpace from the pool before.

About the WBNB distribution

The BNB are purchased from performance fees, based on a certain ratio.
More details in the section below :
They are distributed linearly on 7 days.
A person owns 50% of the shares in the fee redistribution pool, and 14 BNB have been collected. He will have 7 BNB in total, so 1 BNB per day for 7 days.