Rocket Vaults

How the magic operate


Vaults are capital pools that leverages automated strategies to generate yield for user deposits of various assets.
They are non-custodial, transparent, and users can withdraw their assets at any time. Users receive an interest-bearing version of their reward token in the form of arTokens, allowing them to earn additional rewards on top of their existing ones until redeemed.
If there is anything unclear or out of date or feel like you have feedbacks on the protocol, please do not hesitate to let us know our Discord server 🎮.

Fee structure

5% Performance Fee: Deducted from yield earned every time a vault harvests a strategy. Most of the fees are used to reward people staking STAR/eSTAR tokens.
0.5% fixed withdrawal fee.

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In the following pages, we will dive a bit more in-depth in the specificities of Vaults and explain more in detail how it works.