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What is Mercury Update (v3)?

You can learn more about the Mercury Update in the following post:
AR★IP#1: Mercury Update
AR★IP#1: Mercury Update

How to migrate from v2 to Mercury (v3)?

It's very simple, just go to the website available here:
Then you have to click on "Claim & Withdraw All" and pay the transaction fee. Once the tokens/LPs are in your wallet, look for the new Mercury Vault and deposit your assets.

When I try to withdraw my tokens the transaction fails, what should I do?

Try removing most of the decimals and making sure to round down and try again.

When I try to withdraw my tokens I get a very high service fee (0.4BNB), is this normal?

No, take out decimals, round it down and try again.

Why can't I claim my rewards in the SPACE-BNB LP pool in v1?

Unfortunately, since you have already migrated the SPACE token to v2, all pools linked to the token cannot claim their rewards. This concerns only the SPACE-BNB pool on v1.
This is because the SPACE-BNB pool on v1 is not designated like the other vaults. It is linked to the ownership of the SPACE token, and since we have moved the ownership of the token from the old minter to the new one, it is no longer possible to claim the remaining rewards since September 30, when the minter was activated on v2. It is impossible for us to update the contract and therefore no rollback is possible.

What are the xSPACEs for?

The xSPACES are the receipt of your SPACE lock. They are used to farm rewards during the lock period of your SPACEs. These tokens are not intended to be traded and we do not advise you to do so. In order to get your SPACE lock back you will have to return the amount you were loaned in xSPACEs otherwise it will be impossible to get your deposit back.
If you trade xSPACEs we will not be able to guarantee the return of your deposit so, please do so at your own discretion.
You will not keep your xSPACEs at the end of the lock, they will be removed, and your deposited SPACE will be returned to you.

How much is 1 xSPACE worth to the SPACE?

One xSPACE is approximately equal to one SPACE.

But I don't want to use such a system, what are the other alternatives where I can deposit my SPACEs?

You can use your SPACEs to create an LP SPACE-BNB and deposit it in the pool provided for this purpose. If you want to earn WBNB using your SPACEs however the best way is to use the single asset SPACE pool.

What is the difference between SPACE locked and SPACE vested?

Basically, there is not much difference, but each operation involves a different function in the code. The xSPACEs you get are the same in both cases.
The difference is in the lock duration. In one case you can choose and configure the duration, in the other case the 90-day period is imposed.

Is it possible to unlock early?

Yes, but if you do so a 50% penalty will be applied to the deposited SPACE, so be careful.

Can I unvest early?

No, this is not possible.

Can I increase the lock duration of my SPACE?

Yes, you can do it directly from the pool, by entering the new duration you want. You will receive the xSPACEs corresponding to the chosen duration.

Can I lower my lock duration?

No, this is not possible. You can still unlock your tokens whenever you want but a 50% penalty will be applied to your deposit.

The website / deposit does not work / does not appear?

Try hard refresh the page, change browser, use another device.

What is WBNB and how do you turn it into BNB?

The basic difference between BNB and Wrapped BNB is that BNB is not associated with the BEP-20 standard, while wrapped BNB conforms to this standard. Consequently, you can use wrapped BNB on the Binance Smart Chain, but not BNB.
In order to transform your Wrapped BNB into BNB, you can do it directly from our Zap function.

Can I have several different locks?

No, it is not possible, even if you add SPACE later and lock them you can't choose a new lock period. The only solution is to use another wallet.

I added SPACEs on the way, how long will they be locked?

Your new deposit will be combined with the old one(s) and it will be locked for the current period. For example, if you locked for 100 weeks the first time and you add SPACE after 60 weeks, then it will automatically be locked for the remaining 40 weeks. You will receive xSPACEs corresponding to the remaining lock period (so in the following example 40% of the amount of the new SPACE added).
Please note that you can always increase the lock limit whenever you want, and you will receive xSPACEs corresponding to the increase.

If I increase the lock duration of my SPACEs will I receive the xSPACEs corresponding to the increase?

Yes, no matter when you added your tokens, you can even extend the limit to 100 weeks every week if you want to receive the corresponding xSPACEs.

If I am in several pools, will I have several different vesting?

Vesting starts at the moment of the claim, so it is possible to have different vestings depending on when you have claimed (unlike the lock which is general and unique). However, if you claim several pools on the same day, then the vested amount will be grouped in one and the same deposit.

What makes the APR/APY rise?

What makes the APR/APY rise is the value of the rewards obtained. Thus, the higher the price of the vault's underlying token, the higher the APR/APYs will be.

What is the performance fee?

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